President Donald Trump, On Category 5 Hurricanes

Today Donald Trump stated in reference to Hurricane Dorian that “I’m not sure that I’ve even ever heard of a Category 5 […] A Category 5 is something that I’m not even sure that I’ve ever heard the term.” This despite the fact that four of them have occurred during his presidency, and all four storms struck the U.S. at some point—which he knows, or knew, because he’d mentioned them […]


Happy Monday! I’m not usually one for inspirational claptrap, but I found this play from Hawai’i defensive lineman Manly Williams Saturday night—in which he preserves a win for the Rainbow Warriors by chasing down Arizona’s Khalil Tate on the final play of the game—moving as I watched it live, and I’m going to use it to get through my week, too. Enjoy!