Public Speaking Training

Your company or campaign’s success depends entirely on your ability to inspire and motivate an audience. We’ve spent decades teaching people how to do exactly that. 

From keynote coaching to marketing and corporate communication practices, we’ll show you how to draft the right words and the performance skills necessary to deliver them effectively. We’ve dedicated our lives to the training and practice of communication, and are prepared to share our insights to make you an effective and persuasive public speaker. Our company philosophy of “Be First & Be Best” means helping you new ideas and delivering them to an audience in the most compelling way possible.

As a speech & debate competitor, Tim was a multiple time state finalist in Ohio and competed nationally in college; his subsequent coaching career saw him working with national champions while leading his own Muskingum University team to a top-ten finish nationally in each of his four years at the helm. Tens of thousands of students have benefited from his public speaking courses over ten years of classroom instruction. Our expertise will equip you with the message-crafting skills and performance abilities necessary to persuade and motivate any audience to stand by your side. We’ll teach you things like:

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • How to get and hold an audience’s attention
  • How to organize your ideas in a way that will persuade an audience
  • Ways to call an audience to action
  • How to prepare for and deliver a speech with effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Conversation and casual speaking skills to make you appear both relaxed and confident in any setting

Call Tim Burke now at 352.222.2706 or email to learn more about our mission to improve public discourse through public communication skill instruction.