Media Consulting

Whether you represent a national media outlet looking to expand your audience or a local firm aiming to seize market dominance, our portfolio of services will equip professionals with the tools and acumen necessary to “Be First & Be Best.”

Our consulting services range from providing insight for long-term audience strategy to long-term contracted consulting for spot news tactics. Building off more than a decade of research and practice in the field of assignment editing and social media engagement, we can train your media professionals in our proprietary news gathering and identification techniques and in the one-of-a-kind technology we’ve developed that enable you to bring your audience the most relevant news before your competitor has even reached the keyboard.

We’ll help you frame your big scoop to maximize SEO and make sure audiences find your story on your site, not an aggregator’s. We’ll help you navigate and stay up-to-date on fair use standards. We’ll show you how to build strong, loyal audiences by leveraging your institutional voice and those of the personalities creating your content.

We’re also experts in research; we’ve been tracking down hard-to-find videos for more than a decade, and whether you’re looking for something in particular or need staff training in our research techniques, we’re here to provide that assistance. Investigative tactics, too, we’ve honed over years at Gawker/Gizmodo Media. 

Whatever your goals, we’ve got the experience and the tools to help you achieve them. Contact us today for assistance in:

  • Breaking news social media strategy
  • I-team skills training and contract work availability
  • Assignment editing & live news monitoring strategy
  • Social media tech hardware/software buildout
  • OTT synthesis with linear broadcasts
  • Leveraging social media to recognize and gather news as it happens
  • Learning how to produce and deliver news natively on social
  • Grow audiences for your talent & increase online loyalty

If we can do any of these things for you, call Tim today at 352.222.2706 or email