Raspberry Pi Webcam + Timelapse

When muralist Skylar Suarez came to the neighborhood association offering to paint a tribute to medical personnel, we enthusiastically accepted—and I was tasked with finding a way of documenting the work as it happened a block or so from my office. With help from The C House, I rigged a Raspberry Pi 3a+ with a spare USB webcam I had sitting around and, using ffmpeg and motion, managed to both […]

Why Twitter Matters

When I speak with news clients about their social media strategy, they almost always indicate that they focus exclusively on Facebook. Why? “Reach,” they say, “and traffic.” It’s no question Facebook remains a force in internet users’ lives, but to ignore other platforms—especially Twitter—is to be derelict of your duties to curate the largest potential audience for your brand and its content. That’s especially because Twitter is far more predictable […]

This is What the NFL Teaches Rookies About Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Child Abuse

The NFL season kicks off tonight after what feels like a quiet offseason; the major stories in pro football have mostly come recently, with significant contract renewals and one high-profile retirement. The dreaded, euphemized “off-the-field” issues felt smaller, though perhaps that’s because it was a team owner facing charges of a salacious crime this time instead of a player.  Regardless, a number of NFL players faced or are facing criminal […]

President Donald Trump, On Category 5 Hurricanes

Today Donald Trump stated in reference to Hurricane Dorian that “I’m not sure that I’ve even ever heard of a Category 5 […] A Category 5 is something that I’m not even sure that I’ve ever heard the term.” This despite the fact that four of them have occurred during his presidency, and all four storms struck the U.S. at some point—which he knows, or knew, because he’d mentioned them […]


Happy Monday! I’m not usually one for inspirational claptrap, but I found this play from Hawai’i defensive lineman Manly Williams Saturday night—in which he preserves a win for the Rainbow Warriors by chasing down Arizona’s Khalil Tate on the final play of the game—moving as I watched it live, and I’m going to use it to get through my week, too. Enjoy!

Putting to bed the myth that video games are linked to mass killings

In a nationally televised address Monday morning, President Trump outlined his targets of blame for this past weekend’s mass killings in El Paso and Dayton, and among them fell “the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace.” That echoed numerous others from the past 36 hours: Video games, of course, have been the bogeyman for explaining mass killings since Columbine 20 years ago; while it’s a common trope […]

Texas’s Dan Patrick gets everything wrong with “We won’t let our kids even pray in our schools”

While Republican leaders have refused to discuss yesterday’s two mass killings on CNN—that network’s Jake Tapper noted on-air that all of Texas’s state leaders and U.S. Senators declined invitations to appear on the network—Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick did drop by Fox & Friends to discuss the white supremacist terror attack that killed 20 people at an El Paso Wal-Mart. During that appearance, he blamed the epidemic of massacres on the […]

How to Sabotage Your Message

Maybe you have the best idea in the world. A plan to explain life, the universe, and everything; a solution to the world’s biggest problems; or maybe just a campaign to change a few people’s minds. Ideas don’t, however, speak for themselves—they need you to do that, and a lack of planning can be an idea’s worst enemy. There are two major ways people sabotage their own messages: through poor […]

How We Increased Deadspin’s Twitter Audience By 2,500%

When I joined the staff of Deadspin, the site—which had just celebrated its sixth birthday—had only 40,000 followers on Twitter. By the time I left in 2018, it had over a million. Here’s what we did to make that happen. Deadspin’s Twitter presence when I arrived was essentially limited to tweets sent out automatically by Gawker’s then-CMS, GED. The tweets were, simply, a headline and a link. Realizing that engagement […]