Political Strategy

A winning campaign needs a message that resonates, but it also requires a pathway to reach likely voters. From digital campaign tactics to research and theme strategy, we’ve been supplying insight to campaigns, nonprofits, and elected officials for nearly 20 years.

When it comes to political strategy, “Be First & Be Best” means delivering the most effective messaging and delivering victory on election day. By applying analysis proven both academically and in practice, we know what motivates audiences to act—and what makes them share the messages you want to identify with your campaign.

We’ve learned that the weakest links in most existing political consulting shops are in visual communications and social media. We’ve seen enough miserable-looking palm cards and yard signs to choke a camel. We’ll fix yours, and show you the social media tricks learned over more than a decade of dominating platforms like Twitter and Facebook with compelling, sharable content that delivers your message quickly and convinces audiences to be on your side. 

Opposition research? We do that too. We’re the ones who tracked down the real identity of Manti Te’o’s “dead” girlfriend, after all. We have access to more than a decade of broadcast media, decades of newspaper archives, and advanced social media search tactics—so if your opposition’s said it, we can find it. For more information, call Tim Burke today at 352.222.2706 or email tim@burke-communications.com.

Our track record of reaching large, diverse audiences through political video speaks for itself: