Timothy Burke

President, CEO, Tampeño, and person extremely enthusiastic about effective digital communication for the public good.

Wired called me an “Alpha Geek” and the New York Times called me a “seamless integration of man and machine.” I’m a past finalist for the National Magazine Award and the Mirror Award for best In-Depth/Enterprise Reporting. I’ve been building things both practical and whimsical for more than 20 years, while serving in roles like Director of Video at The Daily Beast and Deadspin. In that time, I’ve reached hundreds of millions of users thanks to proprietary technology that enables me to identify content that has the potential to reach desired audiences & apply my knowledge of those audiences to craft that content in a way that resonates with them.

I’m a member of the Writers Guild of America-East, Tampa Tiger Bay Club, the Hillsborough County chapter of the League of Women Voters, the Tampa chapter of the ACLU, and the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association. I volunteer with Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue and am on the Board of Directors for Jobsite Theater.

I completed doctoral coursework at the University of South Florida in 2008, studying systems theory and cybernetics in Communication Studies while earning a graduate certificate in women’s studies. I spent ten years in total teaching communication and speech classes while publishing research in media theory, critical/cultural theory, rhetoric, and feminist communication theory. I spend what free time I have growing citrus trees, exotic chili peppers, bananas, and volunteering for Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. An abbreviated resume is here (49 kb PDF).