Why Twitter Matters

When I speak with news clients about their social media strategy, they almost always indicate that they focus exclusively on Facebook. Why? “Reach,” they say, “and traffic.” It’s no question Facebook remains a force in internet users’ lives, but to ignore other platforms—especially Twitter—is to be derelict of your duties to curate the largest potential audience for your brand and its content. That’s especially because Twitter is far more predictable […]

How We Increased Deadspin’s Twitter Audience By 2,500%

When I joined the staff of Deadspin, the site—which had just celebrated its sixth birthday—had only 40,000 followers on Twitter. By the time I left in 2018, it had over a million. Here’s what we did to make that happen. Deadspin’s Twitter presence when I arrived was essentially limited to tweets sent out automatically by Gawker’s then-CMS, GED. The tweets were, simply, a headline and a link. Realizing that engagement […]